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  • Download, install, or uninstall AOL Desktop Gold

    Struggling to Download, install, or uninstall AOL Desktop Gold? Don’t panic, people normally face the problems with AOL Desktop Gold system. In this article, I have provide support guide that assist you to Download, install, or uninstall AOL Desktop Gold easily and troubleshoot other issues.


    Download AOL Desktop Gold


    Exploring the web for instruction guide transfer & install your AOL Desktop Gold software? No have to look any, following you may see complete step by step tips for downloading and installation of AOL Desktop.

    Have AOL Advantage Plan ?


    • Log in to your AOL account on mybenefits.aol.com. 
    • Click on “All Products,” tab 
    • Scroll down to find “AOL Desktop Gold” option
    • Then Click “Download Now” button.
    • Downloading will start automatically.
    With AOL Desktop Gold Trial Plan/Subscription
    • Run myaccount.aol.com.
    • Fill your login details to open your account. 
    • Go to “Manage My Subscriptions” option.
    • Click on the “Premium Subscriptions” button.
    • Under “AOL Desktop Gold” option click on “Get Started”.
    • Software downloading will start.
    If You Received Email Link Invitation
    You might have received an email with the subject: “Get Started with AOL Desktop Gold”.
    Click on it or “Update Now” option that is shown in your email.
    Go to your downloads folder and Click on the Save button.
    Installing AOL Desktop Gold
    • Go to "Downloads folder" in your system.
    • Double-click on install_aol_desktop icon 
    • Next, a security window will open.
    • Click on the “Run” button.
    • Then a new window will show up with the name “AOL Desktop Gold window”.
    • Click on the “INSTALL NOW” button.
    • You might be asked for uninstalling older versions or importing of your mail if required.
    • Click on “Yes” option.
    • Click OK to complete the process.
    • You’ve downloaded and installed AOL Desktop Gold.
    Afer following given steps you have done the entire process of downloading & installing the software.. Have any queries go to AOL Desktop Gold Support Assistant team.